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Palermo Sailing

Duration 4 hour(s)

ou are about to visit one of the Italian regions abundant in history, monuments and natural beauty, Sicily is definitely the place for the most demanding travelers, a place where you can satisfy every taste and request. A Palermo Sailing Experience offers dazzling natural beauty, breathtaking views and exceptional beaches to make it one of the top super-sail destination in the world. Get ready to discover the sailing world of Siicly and beyond!

The seven sites declared World Heritage by UNESCO are, for Sicily, a perfect presentation, in addition to the main attractions, however, there is a world to discover, including spectacular coastlines, festivals and rituals of tradition without forgetting the villages and its excellent food and wine.
In Sicily, you can see some of the most famous islands and locations in the Mediterranean, landing place for ancient sailors and picturesque scenery of myths, legends and novels.

A journey through Mediterranean atmospheres made of bright towns and colourful domes, hills and terraces overlooking the sea with amazing beaches, certainly one of the most fascinating coastline in the world, where the natural beauty blends with the work of men who for centuries has shaped and coexisted in symbiosis.

Beyond the sailing tours and cruises are details that can also be facilitated by our professional DMC company handled by from hotel & villatransfersday tours & multidays tourwalking toursstreet foodwine & gastronomy, dine with locals to special event coordination.

Personalized full-spectrum concierge makes accessibility and insiders' knowledge a seamless part of every custom sail charter.


A Palermo Sailing representative will guide you throughout the booking process and be on call 24/7 for any concerns, queries, or guidance throughout the charter.


What better way to explore this paradise than onboard a sailing boat?

Indulge in the Palermo Sailing and Tour of Sicily experiences!